Learn To Swim

We are offering Swim Team, Learn to Swim, and Diving

Diving Schedule set on a weekly basis.

Learn to Swim – we will be offering a 3 lesson a week program for the cost of $125 a month, paid month to month on the 1st of every month.  You may sign up for any session for your three lessons for added flexibility.  LTS will be offered during the times above in 1/2 hour sessions.  Junior and Senior Swim Team will have practice all 5 days and the cost will remain $125.00 a month paid month to month on the 1st of every month.   Sibling discounts will be taken off the lesser charge and will be 25% discount for each additional child.  Private lessons are $60 per hour or $35 per half hour.

If you would like to join Niagara Aquatics, please fill out the Registration form on the website and once complete, email danielleandalora@gmail.com.  We will then send you a link to sign up to our team website.

Swimming Lessons Level 1 

Level one focuses on getting the swimmer comfortable in the water.

The swimmer will start the program using a floatation device for their comfort.

The following skills will be taught:

  How to enter and exit the water correctly and safely

  How to be an independent swimmer with a floatation device

  Place face into the water and blow bubbles

  Float on both back and front

  Front glide and back glide

  Roll from front to back

  Jump into the water with assistance

  Submerge and retrieve an object in chest deep water

  Properly use and kick with a kickboard

We will gradually lessen the amount of floatation that is needed until the swimmer is not dependent on a floatation device

Swimming Lessons Level 2 

When the swimmer has mastered the Level 1 skills, they will move to Level 2.

 Level 2 is for swimmers who can swim independently without a floatation device for support.

The following skills will be taught:

Basic freestyle stroke



  How to tread water

  Sitting dive from the pool deck

  Kneeling dive from the pool deck

  Standing dive from the pool deck

  Jumping into the water from the start block

  Continue to build on breathing/face in the water

Swim Team Junior Group B

When the swimmer has mastered the Level 1 and 2 skills, they will move onto our competitive Swim Team, Junior Group B.

The following Techniques will be taught:





  How to dive from the starting block


  Flip turns

  Starts and finishes

  Endurance building

  Rules for competition